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Every time my business partner and I start looking for a new space, at some point during the process we turn to each other and say, “We could make $1M in this industry because we would RETURN EFFING PHONE CALLS!” Seriously, it’s pretty stunning the lack of follow through when you’re interested in leasing a space—at least if you’re looking for under 10,000 sq feet. My uncle, who has been the head of a couple different MAJOR commercial real estate companies says to me each time I talk about it with him, “Yeah, it’s hard to get motivated when you’re dealing with a company the size of yours.” Besides the fact that it’s pretty insulting, I think it’s really short-sighted as according to the SBA, 99.7% of ALL businesses are considered “small”. Of course, they consider anything under 500 employees “small”, but you get the point. But enough about my supportive family…. 🙂

The point of this post is to tell you about how pleasant the last two deals we have done have been because of one guy: Rodney Schwalbach of ESG Realty (www.esgrealty.com). He is a tenant representative. I was going to try to explain what that means, and why you should get one, but his site does it better:

“ESG Realty Advisors offers commercial tenant representation services to clients of all sizes. Most business owners facilitate one lease transaction every three to five years. They negotiate against Landlords, Property Management professionals and Commercial Leasing firms who have multiple years of experience working leases day-in and day-out. These real estate professionals will show tenants where to sign but do not represent the interests of the tenant. ESG Realty Advisors represents only Tenants. We do not represent Landlords or Property Managers, giving our clients the peace of mind that they are negotiating with a real estate professional on their team — looking out for their best interests.”

And that’s exactly what he does. To start, he’ll show you a report of what’s available in the area you are interested in and from there takes care of all contact with the landlord or their representative. And he ALWAYS looks out for your best interest. He’ll suggest you walk away from a deal if he doesn’t think it’s good for you and he explains everything along the way.

In short, as he’s not representing any certain property, he doesn’t really care what they (the landlords or real estate agents) think of him. On top of all of that, he calls/emails you back immediately. Every time. If you’ve ever been through this process, you know what a freaking NIGHTMARE it can be, and it’s really nice to have someone else on your team. Give him a call if you’re looking. I promise you’ll be glad you did!!
Thanks, Rodney, you’re a lifesaver!
Blair Smith, Co-Owner Dirty
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