What sets ESG Realty Advisors apart from the other full-service commercial brokerage firms in Texas?

NO-COST – ESG Realty Advisors provides no-cost representation to tenants and buyers – business owners like you – looking for commercial office space, retail space or warehouse space. Landlords pay our fee out of lease proceeds set aside for leasing transaction expenses – much like how a buyer’s agent in a residential transaction or an apartment locator service is compensated.

NO CONFLICTS – Unlike other “full-service” firms, ESG Realty Advisors does not take listings or represent Landlords in any way. By representing only tenants or buyers in leasing and purchase transactions, we eliminate any conflicts of interest faced by other firms. We are more than just another “office locator” firm, our clients focus 100% of their time on their business, leaving the search and, more importantly, the negotiation to us. We present all options meeting your search criteria – without bias.

WE LISTEN – ESG Realty Advisors start the process by listening to your specific search criteria and learning about your business:

• How is your current space working out for you?
• What are the good and bad aspects of your existing space?
• In a perfect world, what would your new space look like?
• Where would it be located?
• What amenities would it include?
• What are the budget constraints?
• Where are your employees, customers and vendors located?
• What image are you trying to convey?
• What is your timeline for growth?
• Is signage important to you?

(These are just a few of the areas we clarify prior to starting the process. Once engaged, we fine-tune the search based on your feedback, never settling for “close enough,” we work for you until you are satisfied with the results.)

REPORT – Identifying available options is the first part of the process, where we match your search requirements to available solutions using Xceligent (a commercial MLS), then supplement that report by posting requests to the commercial brokerage community for additional solutions, cull out the spaces that do not fit the criteria and present the final results to you for consideration – with as much, or as little, detail as you need to select a “short list” you want to see in person.

TOUR – Touring the short list options is the “fun” part, where you imagine your business occupying and prospering in the space. Imaging all the possibilities….

LOI – This brings us to the proposal or LOI (letter of intent) stage, where ESG Realty Advisors really excels. Knowing the intricacies of a commercial lease, and speaking the same language as the commercial brokers, property management agents and landlords, we tailor the LOI to meet your business needs. The LOI contains the high-level deal points such as commencement date, term, rate, rent escalations, size of space, operating expenses, expansion rights, landlord investment in build-out, and a number of other bullet points.

LEASE DRAFT – Following this negotiation, we delve into the business points of the commercial lease draft. Keeping up on market trends, negotiation strategies and feedback from previous deals, ESG Realty Advisors works for you to level the playing field. Most commercial leases are written to favor the Landlord and we work with you to negotiate more favorable terms.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Signing the lease does not end the relationship. ESG Realty Advisors stays close by you while your new space is being finished out, while you identify and select the various vendors and service providers to ready the space for your occupancy. Once moved in, we are ready to answer any questions that arise. Why? We want you to be satisfied with our service. The best compliment we could receive for a job well done is a referral.

REFERRALS – By following our policy of not taking listings and refusing to represent landlords, we do not enjoy the benefit of large signs on buildings as most commercial real estate firms do. 95% of our business is directly based on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and we intend on keeping our tenant-only policy in place.

BOTTOM LINE – When you are leasing commercial real estate, you need professionals on your side. Our team will present all commercial real estate in Texas meeting your search criteria. Whether you are looking for commercial warehouse space in San Antonio, retail space for lease in Houston, Austin office space or industrial space for rent in Dallas, ESG Realty Advisors is your first choice for commercial real estate leasing and purchasing in Texas. We work as your outsourced real estate department saving you 15 to 25% off the overall real estate transaction expenses.

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